Mini 3 Watt 150 Lumen LED Torch Flashlight with Aluminum Body - USA Shipped

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Mini 3 Watt 150 Lumen  LED Torch Flashlight with Aluminum Body - Fast Shipped from US

This item is one 3W 150LM. LED Aluminum Body Flashlight - Fast Shipped from US - Uses a single AA battery, not supplied.  The flashlights are black -  Shipped from the US - postage paid - promptly shipped.

Specifications - Waterproof - LED Color: White - Flashlight Color: Black - Aluminum Alloy - Size: 95 x 20 x 20 mm (3.75 x .8 Diameter Inches) - Weight: 2 oz -  Power: 3 watts - Switch:  Tail Cap, click on, click off  Battery Type: Single AA not supplied.

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