New Tohtsu CX-230 SPDT with 3 x BNC RF Connectors Coaxial Relay 12 VDC Coil

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New Tohtsu CX-230 SPDT BNC type Coaxial Relay with 12 VDC Coil

This is a new, in original box, with documentation Tohtsu CX230 SPDT type coaxial antenna relay with BNC connectors at each port. The relay is 50 ohms and has a 12 vdc activation coil. The relay can be used as a transmit receive relay for a base station, or as a means of switching two 50 ohm signals. This is new inventory from the two way radio shop at Henry Radio in Los Angeles, California. Shipping anywhere in the continental US is FREE. International shipping will be quoted on request.


RF Impedence:  50 Ohms
Pull in: 
9 Vdc - 16.5 Vdc (12 Vdc Nominal)
Drop out:  1.5 Vdc Min.
Current:  160 mA at 12 Vdc at 20 degrees C
Coil resistance:  75 Ohms +/-10% at 20 degrees C.

Switching Time
Pull in:  20ms max.
Drop out:  15ms max.
Life  Expectancy: 1,000,000. Operation min.

Contact arrengement:  SPDT
Operational temperature:  -50 to +70 degrees C.
Weight:  230 grams
Mounting:  two screws
Cable connections:  3 BNC Type female connectors

    Frequency       VSWR       Isolation          Ins.Loss        IN PUT RF Power
 [MHz]           [Max]       [-dB(min)]       [-dB(max)]                [W]        
            50                 1.05                56                  0.05                      300                
            150                 1.1                 42                  0.05                      300                 
         500                1.15                30                   0.1                       300              
          1000                1.3                 24                   0.2                       200                

Coil Characteristics
        Nominal Voltage        Voltage Range                         Resistance Ohms                   
          12Vdc                   9Vdc - 16.5Vdc           75 Ohms +/-10% at 20 degrees C.
             24Vdc                 18Vdc - 26.5Vdc          300
Ohms +/-10% at 20 degrees C.