New Henry 1212W Mobile VHF Air Band Power Amplifier - AM Mode - 118-136 MHz

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New Henry 1212W Mobile VHF Aircraft Band Power Amplifier for Car Operation

This item is a new Henry 1212W VHF 118 to 136 MHz mobile power amplifier designed for aircraft band AM operation. It is rated at approximately 8 to 10 watts input for 35 to 50 watts output in the AM mode. The amplifier has an integrated transmit receive relay and is simple to install and foolproof to operate. The dimensions are approximately 12 inches long by 3.0 inches high by 6.0 inches wide.

The amplifier will be tested and tuned at the Henry amplifier plant before shipment. The amplifier operates from 13.8 VDC power and requires about 25 amps of current at full output. An optional AC power supply is available for base station operation at an additional cost of $125.  This is a new item from the Henry Radio Amplifier Factory in Los Angeles, California. Shipping anywhere in the continental US is $15. International shipping will be quoted upon request.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!!