New Henry C130AB02R VHF Repeater Amplifier 144-174 MHz

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New Henry C130AB02R VHF Repeater Amplifier

This listing is for a new Henry C130AB02R VHF continuous duty transistorized repeater power amplifier. It is rated at more than a 100 watts continuous output with 5 watts drive. The dimensions are approximately 19 inches long by 6.5 inches rack height by 6 inches deep. The amplifier will be tested and tuned at the Henry amplifier plant to your frequency (select between 144 and 174 mHz). You may choose UHF type or N type connectors.  The amplifier can be factory set for different drive levels, but you should request a quote for the cost of this modification.  The amplifier operates from 13.8 VDC power and requires about 25 amps of current at full output.  This amplifier will be built specially to your specifications and may take 2 to 3 working days to ship.  This is a new item from the Henry Radio Amplifier Factory in Los Angeles, California and carries a one year guarantee. Shipping anywhere in the continental US is $20. International shipping will be quoted upon request.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!!

Henry Radio manufactures a wide variety of solid state RF power amplifiers to meet your needs.  Please contact us with any specific questions or different specifications.